Message from the dean


Prof S Makuza PhD (North Carolina State), MSc (Michigan State), BSc (UZ) 
The School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology at Chinhoyi University of Technology has highly qualified, dedicated and experienced staff to produce innovative/creative and highly skilled graduates to meet Zimbabwe development challenges of complex and ever changing needs and demands of the agricultural industry. The School offers unique and distinct programmes.
We have fully functional Biotechnology, Food Science and Technology and MSc Postharvest Science and Technology laboratories. The Strategic Business Unit of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology is the Farm Research, Teaching and Extension Unit with the Livestock section having cattle, sheep, goats, Chicken (indigenous, broilers & layers), guinea fowls, rabbits and pigs.  The Crop section grows maize, soyabeans, sorghum, sunflower, bird eye chillies, pastures trees, grasses and legumes.  

Graduates can be employed as professionals and managers in Government, NGOs, Universities, Colleges, Agro & Food-Industry, Private Sector, banking and International Organisations etc. Our graduates can also be self employed and become entrepreneurs and set up their own business ventures. The undergraduate degree programmes in the School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology are a good grounding for postgraduate studies in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Management.

Our vision is to be the world-class centre of excellence in Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

Our mission is to produce innovative graduates, create knowledge, enhance entrepreneurship and provide community service/outreach through quality teaching, training and technologically-oriented research in Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

    Student Sponsorship of Awards
  • Cleopatra C. Pedzisa (C097430A) was awarded the ARUP Zimbabwe prize and certificate for being the best graduating student in Environmental Science and Technology in 2013.
  • Batsirai Mabvakure was awarded the Satra Fashions Prize for being the best graduating student in the School of Agricultural Sciences and Technology.
  • Agricultural Engineering students designs and innovations won 1st prize at the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Expo for the SADC region in Harare 8-10 October 2013.

Farm Research Teaching and Extension Unit

The following developments were done at The School Research, Teaching and Extension Unit (FRTEU):

  • 10 additional hectares were cleared for cropping (arable) purposes
  • The piggery unit was extended
  • fenced off one (1) paddock for scavenging / organic chicken,
  • erected a perimeter fence around the Research Unit and
  • sank one borehole in the orchard close to the Jatropha plantation.
  • bought the following equipment: 4 –row planter, tractor operated hammer mill and a Boom sprayer.

Seed companies such as Seed Co, Pannar /Pioneer and Agri-Seeds conducted variety testing trials at the FRTEU and are continuing for the 2013/14 cropping season.